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    The Dulux Group Melbourne marketing & IT team approached us with an idea that they believed would provide additional value to their clients’ operations.

    The idea was to develop a smart phone business application that Dulux would provide to their clients and help them manage the quality of work provided by their painting contractors.

    Our Solution

    We had previously completed business app development across several Apps for Dulux and had a fairly good understanding of their business requirements.

    Their clients included large residential property developers, each of which had their own quality processes when applying the Dulux products.

    The solution required a smart phone application that would be used by the painting contractor and a web application that would allow an administrator to customize the app functions and content as requested by each of Dulux’s clients.

    Once customization was completed the changes would be uploaded to the smart phone application used by the contractor.

    The app would ensure that project processes were always current and verify that tasks were completed correctly.

    On completion of all tasks, a project report is generated and a copy of the contractors invoice sent to the client for verification and payment.

    The Product

    To keep within the specified budget the mobile business app development solution was completed using cross-platform hybrid technology.

    The web application was custom built with Python, Django, PostgreSQL and REST API.

    The final reports are generated as a PDF document with attached photos and emailed to the client and Dulux.

    The App uses a stepped process providing instruction on each task and requires the user to respond and take photos to confirm correct application.

    The user can access quality documentation on the App to ensure they understand product and technical requirements.

    Users of the app are provided with login credentials unique to each client/project all of which are stored in a secure central back-end database. The App displays the relevant client/project processes depending on the login credentials used.

    Posted 13th Jan ’18 – view all Blog & FAQ articles

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